At A Glance:

Our design process consists of five major steps. Every client and project is different and we always tailor our services to fit your needs. However, we find that no matter the scale of the project, following these general steps keeps things running effectively and efficiently! 

1) Discovery Phone Call or Email: 

We want to get to know a little bit about you and your design project needs. A detailed questionnaire is used to help prepare both of us prior to an in-home consultation. 

2) In-Home Consultation and Design Team Scope Session: 

Our in-home consultation is a one-hour session where you’re the boss. Come prepared with a list of questions, a timeline for the project and additional goals you’d like to achieve with your space(s). We will spend the hour concentrating on your space and mentally creating the scope for the project as we delve a bit deeper into specific design issues. 

After your in-home consultation, our team will spend some time at our studio outlining the scope of the project. We will provide you with an initial proposal for the project, along with notes from our in-home consultation within 3-5 business days. 

3) Design Board Review and Estimate: 

For most of our projects, a Design Board is an integral piece of the proposal. A Design Board is a visual mood board that is used as a working document throughout the project. It is an effective tool to ensure that all parties are on the same page when referring to furnishings, materials and finishes, etc. The estimated cost of the DB is based on our standard service design rate of $250/hour. Additional costs (ie, furnishings, remodeling (trade) costs, materials/finishes will be provided in your estimate. 

After reviewing the Design Board with you at our studio, we’ll get started with your project by determining costs and a reasonable timeline. A detailed estimate will be provided outlining the various costs of furnishings (organized by space), remodeling (contractor/trade), and installation. Each client's needs are unique, so from here on out, we will use your detailed estimate as a point of reference for how the project will proceed. 

4) Estimate Approval and Procurement 

Upon approval of your estimate, the Whitetail team will collect payment and start ordering your pieces and/or coordinating with contractors. As part of this procurement process, we will not only order the perfect custom (on non-custom) pieces, materials, and finishes for your home, but we’ll also track and manage the timing of all items and schedule deliveries accordingly. We will also consult and coordinate with the various contractors needed to ensure that execution of any construction work is completed efficiently. Organizing all aspects of your project is essential to a successful installation.

5) Install Day and Follow-Up: 

Now it’s time for the best day ever: Install Day (the would-be National Holiday you’ve not yet heard of!) Upon completion of any remodeling and delivery of furnishings, it’s all hands on deck for our design team! We will come to your home armed with the furnishings we’ve expertly curated just for your project and fully install your beautiful space. After living in your space(s) for a day or two, we will follow up to ensure you love the result!