Team Interview: Kristin Richter

Kristin is an amazing Sales Stylist and all-around great person. Thoughtful, smart, and passionate about her work, she’s such an asset to our team at Whitetail. She’s one of those people who’s just effortless to be around. We love her work ethic and sense of style. We love her little Yorkie, Bailey, and that her go-to drink is a Bud Light.

We’re so pleased to introduce you to Kristin Richter!

Name: Kristin Richter

Job Title/Position: Sales Stylist


Name a trend that will never go out of style: An area rug. Area rugs help to define the space and add color and pattern to brighten everything up.

Name a trend you hope never comes back: Wallpaper borders. Whether it ran through the nursery or trimmed the top of your wall, this trend should stop short anytime after the 90’s.

Design advice to live by: Patience and gut Instinct. Take your time, and if it doesn’t feel right, chances are it won’t last and you will become tired quickly.

What’s on your coffee table: A tray with a small vase of flowers. I love to add some color to my space.


Most beloved thing in your closet: A pair of dark skinny jeans that can go from day to night. This basic style can easily be dressed up or down and looks good with pretty much everything.

Ideal vacation: A warm-weather escape laying on the beach or vegging out around the pool.

Describe your favorite pair of shoes: A heeled sandal with fringe. They make me feel confident and poised, and I love seeing a little glam when I look down at my feet.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram: I follow life and style and interior designers. I find these always give me inspiration. I also follow fitness trainers because this is an important part of my life. They can give me that motivation!!


What’s on your saved ticket right now: Omi bracelets, a turtleneck sweater and animal print vest. I’m always adding something new to my ticket.

Being part of the Whitetail team is: So wonderful. I love working in the store and with such amazing women. I feel lucky to be an employee at Whitetail.


Go to drink: I usually order a Bud Light. I know, pretty boring.

Best restaurant in Ann Arbor: Knight’s Steakhouse. I’ve never been let down with a steak from there.

Favorite way to spend a day off: Spending it with my husband and dog, Bailey. Going for a nice lunch, then taking Bailey for a walk.

If you could have brunch with anyone who would it be? I would love to have brunch with my grandma. She was such a huge part of my life. Being able to spend that time with her, would be the best.


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