Whitetail Farm Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year at Whitetail! We couldn't be more excited to share our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. Shop our design team's top picks!

Mary Baude, Owner/Lead Designer 

 1) Goat Fur Rug: My all-time favorite accessory of ALL season.  The warm colors and soft-touch - I want to see it everywhere!

2) Polar Bear Measuring Cups: Seasonal but practical, a gift for those peeps that have everything.

3) Wool Unicorn Ornament: I mean, look at that face. Who doesn't want it on her tree?

4) Mountain Design Book: I'm a sucker for ALL design books.  This one, in particular, resonates with me -- and, for those folks out west (ie. my Colorado friends)

5) Classic Cuff Bracelet: for ME or you?  Either way, this piece of jewelry from ABLE symbolizes that we are worth MORE. Another gift suggestion from ABLE: the Debre Wallet - simple, gorgeous and made in Ethiopia. In fact, ABLE is an ethical brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty. We are grateful to have found this vendor and we LOVE buying their excellent products.

Amanda Bell, Associate Designer 

1) German Antler Wall Mount: A little cluster of these create a fun focal point in a space! I also love the look of just a couple mixed into a gallery wall. 

2) Fozi Slim Satchel: Snakeskin is a HUGE trend right now. We saw it everywhere at High Point in October. This bag pays homage to this pattern without being too trendy. It'll be chic season after season. (You should buy it before I do - we have two left in stock!)

3) Libraries by Candida Hofer: I have a coffee table book addiction and this is the most recent addition to my collection. Candida Hofer captures libraries all over the world so beautifully. This is the perfect gift for the bibliophile in your life. 

4) Big X Studs: My favorite earrings in the shop for about a year. We've re-ordered them too many times to count. My sister and I both have them and wear them daily. They make us both look way cooler than we actually are. 

5) Balsam Cedar Candle: A holiday classic. This clean, comforting scent puts you in the mood to get festive! I lit this in early November and my husband (who is 1000% opposed to celebrating Christmas pre-Thanksgiving) entertained the idea of putting up a tree early. It works! 


Martin Staebler, Studio Assistant

1) Selenite Stick: Not only do these crystals sit pretty as decor, but they also are known for bringing healing and purification properties (perfect for good vibes).

2) Fuzzy Mittens: Not much to say about these other than that they are an absolute essential in Michigan winters, perfect for anyone who especially loves braving the cold these next few months.

3) Made Solid Vase: It doesn't get much more simple and stunning than this.

4) Dexter MI Tee: Everyone loves to take a little home town back with them! This gift is perfect for those that live out of state and love feeling at home!

5) Striped Horn Frame: Grab this beautiful frame, print one of your favorite moments caught on camera, buy a bottle of wine; And you're all set.

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