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By: Mary Baude, Lead Designer

The highly anticipated summer season has arrived, and boy am I here for it! Summer in Michigan; the warm days and balmy nights, the water, the sunshine— I love it all. The toasty weather isn’t the only thing I anticipate leading up to the summer months, I look forward to the trends that the new season brings!!

Earthy Palettes + Natural Textures

Earthy palettes and natural textures are a go-to for our design team. This dynamic duo brings the outdoors in and allows summer to drip into the home. 

The best way to let the light in? Textures, tones and traces of nature. Our team's favorite, simplistic way of bringing nature indoors? Clip branches and stems from your yard and place them into a pot or vase. Cut them long and exaggerated for a more editorial look. That's it! Effortless and beautiful. 

The Whitetail gals have taken to carrying gardening shears in our cars so we're always prepared when the perfect branch catches our eye. If you see one of us stopping to forage, feel free to join the fun! 

Summer Shades 

One of our design team's favorite trends for summer (and beyond, honestly) is dramatic, moody shades of paint. It’s easy to play it safe in the summer season with light and airy color schemes—don't get me wrong, I love whites, creams, and blues for the summer! However, a moody hue adds drama and romance to this sultry season. A few of colors the Whitetail gals are lusting after at the moment? 

If you’re not feeling so daring, Vintage Vogue or Chelsea Gray (Benjamin Moore) are great jumping off points! These tones add extra oomph to your space without going super bold. 

As always, every space is different and lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to selecting the perfect shade for your home. If you need assistance, contact us to schedule a color consult! 

Worn Woods

Give me all the vintage (always!) but especially in the form of worn wood. I love the texture of natural wood in a home. Wood trays and cutting boards (especially our antique Turkish boards) add depth to your home and double as the perfect entertaining pieces—a win-win. Pour a glass of wine, decorate your vintage tray with all tons of charcuterie goodies and cheers to Summer!

Break out the Rosé!

The perfect pairing to a chilly glass of wine on the porch? Our Summer Sale is going on now. Shop online July 2nd - 12th for 20% off your purchase. 

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