Setting intention for the New Year

How the Whitetail Team is starting 2020


Kristin Richter, Sales Stylist 

The first month of the year is the perfect time to reprioritize your life and set goals. This year I’m going to give myself more compliments. “Today is my day.” “I’m thankful for me.” Positive self-talk can help me focus on what’s good In my life. 

What I’m most excited about in 2020 is slowing down. It will be about getting back to my basics, finding balance inside my own mind and body, and being able to show up better for those around me.

My plans for 2020 are to work hard and play hard. Surround myself with friends and family. Don’t take things for granted. Have fun, be thankful, and travel!!


Meg Clarke, Inventory Manager 

On New Year’s Day (when my Holiday take down is underway) I am already setting intentions for 2020 ... I am really not a fan of "New Year's" resolutions, but I am a huge believer in self awareness + improvement always!!

With that said a little something that I have done for the last ten years that holds me accountable writing a note to myself and my family on New Year’s Day. 

I write down a few intentions for the year to come, and tuck it away in my ornament box. I open it up just shy of a year on the day we are decorating our tree and read it out loud for all of us to hear … Sometimes it makes me laugh, other times it’s so heartfelt it makes me cry.  

At any rate, doing this holds me accountable for the year to come. Small changes in your life represent growth, not perfection. Small things work for me ... and I highly suggest a fresh, new planner to start the year! 


Annelise Luoma, Sales Stylist 

In all honesty, I’ve never been the biggest believer in resolutions. I talk a good game about completely changing my bad habits, but three days later I revert back to my old ways, feeling even worse than before. So, I am starting the new year with the idea that I don’t have to completely reinvent myself. All of the good things or habits I want to exhibit this year already exist within myself, I just have to bring them to the forefront. My overall theme (or resolution) for the new year is kindness. I want to be able to end every day knowing I did at least one kind thing, whether that’s kindness towards the planet, others, animals, or even myself. 

I hold myself accountable for my "resolution" with a simple self-reflection that is free of any judgement or punishment towards myself. Before I fall asleep every night, I ask myself what act of kindness I have accomplished that day. It could be something as simple as holding the door open and smiling at the person behind me. If I can’t come up with anything, I start the next day working to actively make a choice towards kindness. Surprisingly with my new mindset, some of the goals I’ve had for a while have just happened organically. I have found it easier to connect more with myself, trying to understand how I’m feeling each day, making healthier decisions, and even running every day. Connecting with other people and the planet has always made me feel happier and more grounded, and hopefully my actions positively affect others as well. 

My plans for 2020 include me graduating at the end of the year which is both exciting and daunting. While I work towards reaching graduation this year, I plan to spend the year making memories with my family and traveling to new places. Hopefully 2020 will be a year full of happiness, love, and travel!

Martin Staebler, Studio Assistant 

My resolution for 2020 is to start thinking about my future more and preparing for the significant upcoming years of my life. I want to spend more time thinking about my actions and make conscious decisions to improve my daily quality of life. Including more self-care, saving more money for my future, cooking (one of my favorite things, I don't often do), and making more daily healthy habits (like journaling). This year, I'd love to get more into spirituality and manifestation too. Another big thing I am looking forward to this year is spending more time visiting with friends. I am so excited to see where my goals and Whitetail takes me this year! 

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