Mother's Day: Picks by Whitetail Moms!

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we asked our resident Whitetail moms what's on their shortlists!
Mary Baude: Owner & Lead Designer
Mary is mom to two lovely gals, Kendra and Jessie! 
Lately, I have been trying to live in the present moment, trying not to think too much about the future (which is very hard I might add). I’m probably similar to most, but I like to surround myself with things I love, and to feel cozy!
For Mother’s Day, besides wanting to spend time with my loved ones, I imagine having these items in front of me :-). Items that I enjoy, feel good in, and am grateful for in these current quiet times.
“Get Out of Your Head” is my current reading material, and is appropriate for this quarantine period!
Good wine, snacks, beautiful flowers, soft textures, and candles to scent my space are what I appreciate and look forward to on those days that I want to “get out of MY head”.
Happy Mother’s Day!! 
Meg Clarke: Inventory Manager 
Meg is mom to two super sweet kiddos and a gigantic fur-baby (Great Dane), Theo. 
Currently I am obsessed with all things Gorjana!! Where to begin, let’s see. Parker Wrap Necklace, Parker Bracelet, and I need the Kara Heart Locket in my life!! Lol— These pieces are truly stunning and as close as you can get to the real deal WITHOUT breaking the bank!! So many others I didn’t list!! All of them so dreamy!!
Another line item that’s on my Mum's Day list: All things French Girl!!  My favs include the Lip Tint, and the Lumiere Bronze Oil...  oh and Charcoal Face Wash!!  
Aside from most adorable packaging (beautiful glass vessels) they truly work wonders on dry everything and smoothing fine lines to reveal fresh glowing complexion— I love them so much!! 
Lastly I love the Hobo purse/wallet line. I feel every young lady (and Mum) should have a beautiful bag or wallet as their purposeful accessory. Favs?? All of them!!  Personally fond of traditional black but the sweet little mint wallet is a gem for spring!!! I could go on + on!! 

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