How to Help: Cooking in Quarantine

By: Mary Baude, Lead Designer

I love food. I love the dining experience. I prefer to eat a dish that looks visually amazing vs. a slop of food on a plate. Perhaps it's the "designer" in me, but I really appreciate the presentation of food and all that goes into it; the balance of color and texture, the arrangement of different elements, the contrast.

Ambiance is such a huge part of the dining experience as well. Candles, linen napkins, table setting that works with the plate of food, etc. --- you get the drift! In general, you just get a different feeling eating at a small, unique restaurant versus a chain. There's a time and place for all types of food and dining, but I have to say, there's just nothing like the feeling you get in a special restaurant owned by a real person who has put their time, energy, love and entrepreneurship into the entire operation. 

When I entertain, this is where my mind goes. How can I mimic that feeling of stumbling upon someplace special? How can I make the experience great for peeps, including tasty, well prepared, and balanced meals? 

Like the rest of you, I find myself deeply missing the experience of a wonderful restaurant and of hosting loved ones in my home. I've found that one way to maintain sanity throughout this crazy time has been to try my best to treat myself to that same presentation of food and experience surrounding it as best I can.   

My family and I decided to eat "together" four nights per week throughout quarantine. My daughters live in LA, and their father lives in Indiana. We decided the best way to enjoy meals together remotely and maintain a safe environment was to use a home delivery service and FaceTime. 

Not only has the food been delicious, but sharing in preparation, commentary on the dishes, and just the connecting over all has been such a highlight. Although we are sad that we can't do all of this in the same house, we appreciate the opportunity to do it virtually. I am so grateful and would highly recommend trying this as a way of connecting with family over something everyone enjoys: delicious food! 

Our next box(es) will arrive early next week, and I am looking forward to that special experience again!

I've included photos (probs not so great, but hey) so you can see the variety of healthy meals chosen/made. 


Xx ... Mary


Black Bean Burrito Bowls (with Raspberry Chipotle Sweet Potatoes, Kale & Corn Salsa)

Eggplant Parmesan (prep and final) … Garlicky Tomato Sauce & Lemon Basil Israeli Couscous

Sweet & Sour Seitan (with Charred Cherry Tomatoes, Kale & Udon)

Crispy Potato Skillet (with Snap Pea Slaw & Jalapeño Sour Cream)

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