Grounded in Nature

Grounded in Nature

One of my daily rituals is my morning walk. It’s a time for me to reset my mind from the night before and position myself for a productive day ahead. I find getting in nature is the best way for me to feel grounded. It’s a reminder that the world is so much bigger than my current anxieties. When I’m able to clear my head of every day stressors, it leaves more room for inspiration. When I create the time and space to enjoy nature, inspiration finds me every time. Some of us are frantically scrolling through our Instagram feeds seeking inspiration, when Mother Earth has already curated the perfect Pinterest page.


The textures and colors expressed in nature bring me back to the basics of design. The sun peeking through the trees as it rises reminds me of the importance of light. If a room is not appropriately lit, the space can feel unwelcoming. The clouds that paint the morning sky remind me to introduce soft elements into a space. No room should feel sterile. The layering of the forest trees reminds me how the balance of texture in a space is essential to the overall feel of the room. Most aspects of my design are directly represented in nature.

I am lucky to be able to walk outside of my house into nature. It’s a gift I don’t take for granted. Whether you’re in the city or the country side, I think it’s vital to find nature; to sit in nature; to let nature speak to you. Take off your shoes and put your feet in the grass. Feel grounded and be reminded of the balance of Mother Earth. She’s got you.





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