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Setting Intention for 2020 (Thanks to My Dad)

Mary Baude, Lead Designer

As I look at the year (2020) in front of me, I see busyness and an overwhelming sense of excitement. I am a planner. I LOVE taking time figuring out how I want spend my day, week, month, year. I also like to execute. So, for someone who loves to plan, the beginning of the year is FUN.

As a business owner, I have a lot to do, and I love doing. I often wonder I'm such a "planner". Right? It's kind of strange to love planning out the entire year (not to mention looking forward to the process of doing so.) 

Looking back at my childhood, I find similarities between my Dad and myself. My Dad used to own his own printing business, so I have entrepreneurship in my blood. I was young (10 years old) when he passed, so I couldn't see then, or understand what it meant to own a business. All I remember is that he religiously planned for the year ahead, worked a lot (even though he consistently golfed every Saturday morning with his neighbor friends), and LOVED what he was doing.

At one point before he found a location for his printing business, he had a printer down in our basement. Mind you; we had a SMALL ranch house with LOTS of people. In our partly finished basement, the massive machine took over most of the space. The smell of ink and the consistent sound of the paper as it pushed through the printer felt inviting. There was a sense of warmth and "home." Now, as a business owner myself, I think I understand where that feeling of warmth and LOVE comes from. It is a combination (and reward) of all the time, effort, and planning that goes into your business.

The concept of planning and executing is exhilarating. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing abstract ideas come to fruition in a real way. Looking at the possibilities of the year ahead is why I like the New Year. It feels fresh. No matter what happened the previous year, there is an open (white walls/blank canvas/cleared space - Interior Design speaking) world out there, and I love it.

In my business this year, a LOT is going on, and I wouldn't have it any other way. My team and I will be working with existing clients and taking on new client projects (in and out-of-state). I will be transitioning/expanding the business (stay tuned for some exciting news on that front). We will travel to a few Apparel and Home markets, and maybe even an out-of-state antique market. I will be networking with local businesses, women, and learning more about the community. I think I (and my team at Whitetail) will have fun and will once again witness how a little planning, a sense of humor (because it's required)😂, and some flexibility can bring on a GOOD NEW YEAR.

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