Design: Creating a WFH Space

Amanda Bell, Design Associate

Working from home becomes 1000x better if you have a designated space to do your job. Speaking from experience, the first couple days of work-from-home (er ... couch) got a bit depressing. Trying to be productive while becoming one with my sectional to the tune of Kyle from Summer House “sending-it” is just too much multitasking for me.

So, I made a mini at-home office in a corner of my studio-style apartment. Since then, I have gotten so much more done, and felt so much less like a matted down throw pillow. Here’s how I did it and how you can, too … 

What you’ll need:

1) A quiet corner. Try (if possible) to set up your “makeshift office” somewhere quiet and window-adjacent so you can soak in a little Vitamin D! If you don’t have a quiet corner, define the space you do have with an area rug or cowhide. If you have kids, tell them that rug is hot lava and they will burn their toes if they touch it!

2) A desk, console, small table. Repurpose this from somewhere else in your house. If all else fails, doesn't everyone have the same Costco folding table in their basement? Set it up and drape it with a super long white tablecloth (OR a flat bed sheet in a pinch.) 

3) A desk chair. If you don’t have a typical desk chair with wheels, a dining chair works great. 

4) A few useful accessories:

  • Lamp
  • Pen holder/desk caddy
  • A speaker within ear’s reach
5) A few accessories that make you happy and inspire you: 

Putting it all together: 

It’s pretty simple once you have the raw materials! 

  1. Lay your rug down to define the space
  2. Place your desk (table) and chair
  3. Layer with accessories and art
  4. If you get stuck, DM @whitetail_farm for styling tips! 

 Hope you’re all hanging in there! Taking the time to create a space for yourself will help - I promise. 

.  .  .  .  . 

Amanda's Work-From-Home Space: 

Pacific NaturalHandmade Speckled Pot, Handmade White Glazed VaseWood Bread Board, Sweet Grass Smudge StickGoat Fur Rug, Boba Stoneware Flower Pot, Seagrass Basket with HandlesPalma DeskMuestra ChairCowhide Rug

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Such great tips! I’ll be setting mine up today. Thanks :)

Kate March 27, 2020

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