How to Help: Create Positive Energy in Your Home

By: Mary Baude, Lead Designer
Time at the Whitetail Farmhouse

During these unprecedented times, I find myself alone in my home. I am in contact with my loved ones daily; making and sharing meals virtually with my daughters and their father four nights a week, calling and texting friends and family.  But, for the foreseeable future, we will all be spending a lot more time at home than we normally would and occupying our bodies and minds is super important. 

How I practice self-care

I am an introvert, at heart, and being alone doesn't make me lonely. Instead, I always feel recharged by alone time. It's where I become re-energized and am able to then bring that positive energy back out to the world. Alone time is crucial to my creativity and my best self. It's almost as crucial as design.

Facing an abundance of at-home time and an uncertain world, I've found an outlet in the act of reworking my spaces. I've done this since I was a child; changing the elements in my rooms always made me feel inspired, invigorated, creative - but mostly, it made me hopeful.

It doesn't matter if the change is something simple like revising furniture layout, refreshing pillows, or rearranging tabletop or wall decor. Maybe it's the emptying of the space initially that makes me feel hopeful? Perhaps it's physically moving furniture, even when it's challenging (i.e., carrying a coffee table down the stairs)! Changing the feeling in a space is what makes the experience worth it. It makes me feel alive and at HOME. 

While I am waiting out this crisis, I'll be changing my spaces in my home. I'll be moving chairs from one room to another.  I'll try my sofa(s) in other locations; my accent tables, benches, and lamps will find new rooms to call home for awhile. The simple act of movement and controlled change is refreshing and energizing. 

How you can, too

Over the years working with many clients, I have found that some are really ready for change in their home, and others are hesitant. While some might not think they need change, I have found that every time I've helped them discover how to reuse items they love, shuffle around their decor, and add something new they, too, are refreshed and energized. 

I (and my team at Whitetail) want to give you that sense of new, of hope. We've designed packages that enable us to work with you virtually throughout this "new normal" to create a space that is cozy and beautiful for you and your family.

Virtual Design Services   
What's next for Whitetail 

And, when we are out of this crisis (hopefully soon!) we have big plans for our shop and design studio. Helping you see and feel what pride in your home can do is always our mission. 

I've said this a zillion times, but I'll say it once more: I genuinely believe that when you feel good in your home, it inspires you and that positive energy is brought back out to the community. It helps us all. 

Hang in there ... we are all in this together!

xx, Mary

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