Congrats to the Newlyweds!

What’s that you hear?! No, that’s not your phone alarm, silly! That’s the sound of wedding bells!

Our dear Amanda Bell (Orr), a Whitetail Farm OG, has tied the knot! And no, I don’t mean the nautical knot that’s placed on her coffee table as a versatile accessory.  She got married! 


With the scent of matrimony in the air, one can’t help but get a whiff of love. While some run away in fear at talk of marriage or hide in resentment at the happy couple, I find marriage to be a reminder of what love can provide for humans.

With love comes a hope for new beginnings. Not only did they plan a wedding together, Amanda and James have started to plan their lives together.

I had the privilege of helping create the space for the reception and was reminded of the importance of compromise. Not only in marriage, but also in design. When creating a space for someone, it’s important to find the balance between every member that lives in the home. It’s about creating a space that fits the family.


The wedding took place at the beautiful Orr family home in Ann Arbor, MI.

Their modern farmhouse extended into an additional garage space for guests to hang out and enjoy appetizers and cocktails post-ceremony, pre-reception. This lounge space was created by balancing the already existing rustic style with bohemian accents to highlight the young couple.

As with love, we did our best to compromise and fill the room with an aesthetic that fit the Bells to a T! 

We didn’t lose a doe …. We gained a buck.

Cheers to the happy couple!

Calling all brides! If you're interested in having a Whitetail Wedding, please reach out!



Photos: @samanthajamesphoto


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